PERIMICE-209 - Kabelgebundene PS / 2-Maus


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  • PS2 Anschluss - Maus mit klassischem Design, die der alten PC-Generation entspricht; Verwendet den alten PS / 2-Anschluss; Einfache Installation ohne zusätzliche Treiber
  • Hohe 1000 DPI Auflösung - Optische Auflösung ermöglicht reaktionsschnelles und genaues Arbeiten. Einfache Navigation mit 3 Tasten und präzisem Scrollrad
  • Beidhändiges ergonomisches Design - fühlt sich in beiden Händen gut an; Schaltflächen können im Computer-BIOS angepasst werden. Bequeme geschwungene Form unterstützt die natürliche Handhaltung
  • Hochwertige Produktion - ohne Logodruck; Einfarbig schwarz mit glänzenden Details an der Seite; Einfache Integration in jedes Heim-, Büro- oder Industriesystem
Classic PS/2 Mouse

Classic PS/2 Mouse

PERIMICE-209 P is a classic and functional wired PS/2 mouse with comfortable curved shape for a natural hand position. Responsive standard 3-button design is supported with 1000 DPI optical resolution. It will be great addition to your desktop computer, with its PS/2 connector compatible with PS/2 serial keyboard ports.

Simple to Use

Simple to Use

Great addition for any older versions of computers with PS/2 port. Standard size in solid black color with glossy side details. Installation is simple; plug into the PS/2 port, and it's ready to use, without additional drivers. An 1.8 m (6 ft) long durable cable lets you arrange it as you want.

Accurate Optical Sensor

Accurate Optical Sensor

Featuring advanced optical technology, PERIMICE-209 P provides accurate and smooth cursor movement, increasing your work efficiency. Due to the 1000 DPI resolution, you will be able to work on documents and search online with precision. Works great on any surface.

Smooth Scrolling

Smooth Scrolling

Expect high performances from this standard 3-button mouse with ambidextrous design. Adjust the left/right button orientation in your computer BIOS and use it as a left-handed mouse. Scrolling wheel is working smoothly and it's easy to control thanks to the furrowed texture.

Product information

Product Specification

Dimension 110*60*38 mm
Weight 7000b110g
Number of buttons 3
Connection type Wired
DPI 1000
Sensor Optical
Cable length 1.8 m
Interface PS/2
Colour White
Certifications CE, FCC, RoHS
System requirement Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Programmable No

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