PERIPAD-202 C - Wired USB-C Numeric Keypad Scissor Keys Extra USB Ports Large Print Letters

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  • USB-C Connection - A wired number pad with USB type C connectivity for tablet, laptop, and other USB-C equipped computer devices
  • External Number Pad - External number keypad with 19 keys for laptop or keyboard without an integrated number keypad area; big and bold print keys with a tilted design for maximum visibility and comfortable to use
  • Plug-and-Play Feature - Plug your keypad into your computer and start using it. No installation necessary
  • Built-In USB Hub - Two built-in extra USB ports on the side of the keyboard, offers you flexibility for additional input devices, such as your mouse, keypad, or USB Flash Drive
  • Comfortable Keys - Scissor key switch for premium laptop-typing feeling and quiet typing experience
  • Keypad Design - 19 keys full-size slim keypad with big print letters
  • Measurements: 5.16" x 3.43" x 0.79" (131 x 87 x 20mm)

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