PERIMICE-719L - Left-handed Wireless Ergonomic Mouse Smaller Hand Size Silent Click

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  • Wireless 2.4 GHz ergonomic mouse especially for small hands. Mouse Dimension: 105x67x58 mm. 6 button design. Wireless 2.4GHz technology with a 10-meter operating range
  • Natural ergonomic vertical with left-handed design. Recommended to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) users and users work Particularly long periods on the computer, for example, office workers, gamers, and internet surfers. Prevents possible mouse arm or tennis elbow (RSI syndrome). Eases your wrist pain.
  • Optical sensor and built-in DPI switch button. You can switch DPI between 800/1200/1600
  • Plug and play mouse with Nano USB receiver, easy to start to use with standard-setting function. Built-in power on/off switch button and Power saving function. One AA battery needed (Battery is not included in the package). Nano USB receiver with storage compartment.
    Ergonomic Vertical Mouse for Left Handed

    Ergonomic Vertical Mouse for Left Handed

    PERIMICE-719 L is a small wireless ergonomic vertical mouse designed for small hands, but also for users who would like to user such a mouse on their travels for releasing wrist nerve pressure. This mouse is also travel-friendly due to its small size and light weight. Features sophisticated rubber layout design for a pleasant gripping and easy-reach buttons.

    For Small Handsize and Perfect for Travel Essentials

    For Small Handsize and Perfect for Travel Essentials

    PERIMICE-719 L is specifically designed for small left hand users (15 cm or less and travel-enthusiasts due to its proportions. By choosing a proper size of your own mouse, muscle soreness from overly contracting the hand can be well-improved in a long term.

    Ergonomic Vertical Design

    Ergonomic Vertical Design

    Vertical design can let your hand lay in the most natural position without twisting wrist muscles while gripping the mouse. This small vertical ergonomic mouse does help ease the wrist pains and stress.

    All that buttons

    All that buttons

    Beside 6 control buttons with silent click, PERIMICE-719 is equipped DPI switch for easy adjustment of pointer speed. 6 button design includes two internet browsing side buttons, for extremely smooth surfing.

    Product information

    Product Specification

    Dimension 105x67x58 mm
    Weight 102g
    Number of buttons 6
    Connection type Wireless 2.4GHz
    DPI 800/1200/1600
    Sensor Optical
    Ergonomic Yes
    Power supply 1xAA battery
    Interface Nano USB receiver
    On/off button Yes
    USB storage Yes
    Certifications CE, FCC
    System requirement Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
    Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
    Storage temperature -15 to 60°C
    Eelectrical rating 25 mA (Maximum)
    Operating voltage 1.5 VDC
    Material ABS and rubber coating
    Programmable No
    Orientation Left hand
    For hand size S, M
    Colour Black

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