PERIBOARD-312 - Wired Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard Large Print Letters Extra USB Ports

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  • Ergonomic Design - A fixed-split keyboard design with the keys separated into three clusters for a natural typing posture
  • Bright, Big Print - Keys with large print letters and backlighting; The lighting behind the keys is subtle and suitable to use in the dark without distracting your vision
  • Integrated Palm Rest - The large wrist rest offers more support for your wrist to minimize your wrist from bending and eases the wrist pain.
  • High-Key Structure - Key structure that promotes long travel distance and gives audible feedback to give a tactile sensation

Product information

Product Specification

Dimension 512x275x58mm
Weight 1220 g
Backlit Yes
DPI 1000/1600
Palm Rest Integrated
Number of keys 111/US,105/ UK & DE
USB Ports 2
Hot keys 7
Cable length 1.8 m
Connection type Wired USB
Certifications CE, FCC
System requirement Windows 7, 8, 10
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
Storage temperature -15 to 60°C
Electrical rating 100mA max. (Operating)
Operating voltage 4.25~5.25 VDC
Key press life cycle 10 Mio.
Key switch technology Membrane
Material ABS
Layouts DE, US, UK

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