PERIPRO-101 - Ergonomic Mouse Wrist Rest Pad

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  • Mouse Wrist Rest- Perixx PERIPRO-101 is designed to improve the proper wrist alignment and improve shoulder and neck, it is suitable to be used with all computer mice, especially mice with a thicker design.
  • Ergonomic Support - The cushion is firm but soft at the same time, which provides support for your wrist and palm to keep it in a more relaxed position for operating a mouse and ease your wrist pain.
  • Premium Material - High-quality gel cushion with a vegan leather surface that is nice to touch, the gel cushion provides a cooling effect for many hours of use. The interior foam provides a medium level of firmness.
  • Non-Slip Base - Anti-slippery rubber base for optimal grip whether you are working or gaming for many hours.


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