PERIBOARD-613 W - Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

€59,99 €69,90
Keyboard Layout:
  • Mini Split-Key Keyboard - Ergonomic keyboard in a mini design with curved keys and split-key sloped promotes natural arm and hand position while typing to minimize chances of RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dimensions (400 x 275 x 55 mm)
  • Palm Rest Support - Integrated palm rest promotes a more relaxed typing angle by supporting the palm and wrist, which reduces median nerve pressure to minimize tensions on the forearm
  • Wireless Dual Mode - Switch between Bluetooth or wireless 2.4 GHz by switching the connection mode at the bottom of the keyboard; Nano receiver is stored safely in the compartment at the bottom of the keyboard
  • Comfortable Typing Feeling - High-quality key switches that promotes responsiveness and resistance for a tactile and comfortable typing feeling; Long travel distance that gives a satisfying typing feeling and decreases mistyping

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