PERIPRO-303 GYL - Glossy Yellow 34mm Trackball

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  • Replacement Trackball - Designed for any trackball mice using 1.34 (34mm) trackball size; Such as from Perixx: PERIMICE-517/717, Logitech: MX Ergo, M570, Cordless, Kensington: TrackMan Wheel (not include Trackman Marble), Elecom: M-XT3DRBK (EX-6), M-DT2URBK, EX-G/DEFT, Sanwa: MA-WTB43BK
  • Glossy Surface - The surface is treated with a special coating to provide a precise and smooth tracking performance
  • Absolute Spherical - Provides fast movements and works perfectly for multiple screen control
  • How to Remove the Trackball - The trackball from PERIMICE-517/717 can be easily removed from the bottom hole of the mouse, using the tip of your finger
  • Available in Various Colors: Glossy red, glossy blue, glossy, purple, glossy pink, glossy yellow, glossy lavender, and, glossy green

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