PERIBOARD-409 P - Mini 75% PS/2 Keyboard

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Keyboard Layout: German (QWERTZ)

About This Product

  • Mini wired PS/2 keyboard (12.36 x 5.75 x 0.79 inches - 31.4 x 14.6 x 2 cm) that is suitable for limited spaces. Just connect the keyboard and go
  • Suitable with industrial and office applications. Logo-free, easy to integrate it with individual system
  • Plug-and-Play keyboard with PS2 plug that is easy to set up with no extra drivers required and a 1,8m long cable that reaches the computer on the desk or under the desk
  • Quiet and comfortable rubber dome keys that are durable for long-lasting lifespan
Specs & Details

Dimensions: 315 × 147 × 21 mm
Weight: 386 g
Connection: USB-A cable, PS/2 cable
Cable length: 1.8 m
Switch type: Membrane
Material: ABS


Fully compatible
Windows 7 or higher

MacOS Monterey 12.2 or higher
Android (smartphone)
Android (tablet)
Fire OS

In the Box


Keyboard Layout: German (QWERTZ)
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PS/2 Compact Keyboard

PERIBOARD-409P is a compact and practical mini keyboard with a PS2 interface perfect for limited workspaces. It’s particularly popular because of its mini size and quiet, embedded keys for a comfortable typing experience. The flat keys are framed with a shiny black piano lacquer frame.

One-Piece Design

PERIBOARD-409P has a slightly raised back with only a height of 0.79 inches. The one-piece design leaves no extra parts to be lost or damaged.


For customized or system integration projects, plain keyboard without manufacturer logo printed on the surface offers more flexibility. Classic design fits in all environments for different applications.

Suitable for Drawers and Kiosk Application

Its sleek, yet simple design, offers professional users a unique comfortable typing experience in the office or at home. Also, due to its mini size, the keyboard is suitable for 19" drawers and kiosk applications.

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