PERIBOARD-512 B - Wired Ergonomic Keyboard 100%

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Keyboard Layout: Deutsch (QWERTZ)

About This Product

  • Ergonomic Design - Split-key and 3-D design match your natural arm and hand positions and ease your wrist pain. Integrated palm rest to support your wrists in a comfortable position
  • Tactile Keystrokes - Keystrokes are tactile to reduce pressure when you press the keys and to give you a more comfortable typing experience
  • Plug-and-Play Feature - Just plug your keyboard in your computer and use it; It uses a USB interface and has a 5.9 Ft cable; 7 Multimedia Hotkeys built-in
Specs & Details

Dimensions: 485 × 236 × 44 mm
Weight: 1154 g
Connection: USB-A cable
Cable length: 1.8 m
Switch type: Membrane
Material: ABS


Fully compatible
Windows 7 or higher

MacOS Monterey 12.2 or higher
Android (smartphone)
Android (tablet)
Fire OS

In the Box


Keyboard Layout: Deutsch (QWERTZ)
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Wired Ergonomic Black Keyboard

Split-key layout and 3-D shape, specifically designed to fit the natural posture of human hands, guiding you to the most relaxing typing gesture. It has been reported by customers who suffer from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) that PERIBOARD-512 does help ease the muscle stress and make daily computer use more comfortable. Given all practical features: Full-size keyboard with numerical keypad area, ideal for the accounting profession and big amount of document processing work; long-distance key structure with solid keystroke feedback; plug-and-play easy installation; no wonder PERIBOARD-512 has always been Perixx customers’ all-time favorite!

Durable Laser Printing Keys

Compared with traditional silk print, laser printing technique makes the keys more durable and present higher quality. More sustainable for intensive typing everyday.

Integrated Palm Rest

Integrated palm rest and curved design provide an extra support to wrist, connecting user and the keyboard seamlessly without posing extra pressure on muscles.

7 Multi-Media Keys

Handy hotkey access to multimedia, including open browser and email, volume up/down, mute function, sleep mode, and search. Easy switch among different working scenarios.

Comfort Working Environment

Full-size solid keyboard with number pad and multimedia hotkeys, comprehensive for all kind of usage. Ideal for work in office and entertainment at home.

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